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Firmware Upgrade
The firmware on this wireless router can be easily upgraded. You can check the website
) to see if there is any later version of firmware
Notes: Do not power off the device while the firmware is being upgraded
Caution: To prevent that firmware upgrading is interrupted by other wireless signals and
causes failure. We recommend users to use wired connection during upgrading.
Caution: The firmware upgrade will not remove your previous settings.
Reset button
There is a reset button on this router as illustrated. If you cannot login the administrator page by
forgetting your password; or the router has problem you can‟t solve. You can push the reset button
for 5
seconds with a stick. The router will reboot and all settings will be restored to factory default settings. If
the problem still exists, you can visit our web site to see if there is any firmware for download to solve
the problem.
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