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This page allows user to change the setting for WPS (
Wi-Fi Protected Setup
). Using this feature could
let your wireless client automatically synchronize its setting and connect to the Access Point in a minute
without any hassle. CMR-986 could support both Self-PIN or PBC modes, or use the WPS button (at
real panel) to easy enable the WPS function.
PIN model
, in which a PIN has to be taken either from a sticker label or from the web interface of the
WPS device. This PIN will then be entered in the AP or client WPS device to connect.
, in which the user simply has to push a button, either an actual or a virtual one, on both
WPS devices to connect.
Please find the WPS button from the following illustrate
When users select a specific model on wireless base station, the clients can connect to the base by
selecting the same model.
The connection procedures of PIN and PBC are almost the same. The small difference between
those two is:
Users input the PIN of wireless card in the base station first; it will limit the range of the clients. It is
faster to establish a connection on PIN model.
On PBC model, users push the WPS button to activate the function, and then the wireless client must
push the WPS button in 2 minutes to enter the network. The client will search to see if there is any
wireless base station which supports WPS is activating. If the client finds a matching base, the
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