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Wireless Advanced Settings
In Advanced Settings page, more 802.11 related parameters are tunable
Fragment Threshold
To identify the maxima length of packet, the over length packet will be
fragmentized. The allowed range is 256-2346, and default length is 2346
RTS Threshold
This value should remain at its default setting of 2347. The range is 0~2347.
Should you encounter inconsistent data flow, only minor modifications are
recommended. If a network packet is smaller than the present RTS threshold
size, the RTS/CTS mechanism will not be enabled. The router sends
Request to Send (RTS) frames to a particular receiving station and
negotiates the sending of a data frame. After receiving an RTS, the wireless
station responds with a Clear to Send (CTS) frame to acknowledge the right
to begin transmission. Fill the range from 0 to 2347 into this blank.
Beacon Interval
Beacons are packets sent by an access point to synchronize a wireless
network. Specify a beacon interval value. The allowed setting range is
20-1024 ms.
Preamble Type
PLCP is Physical layer convergence protocol and PPDU is PLCP protocol
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