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Chapter 4
Advanced Configuration
This chapter describes how to setup the access the router through the web browser. Please be noted
that in order to access the router‟s admin page, a computer must be connected to one of the LAN ports
on the router. The WLAN Broadband Router is delivered with the following factory default parameters
on the Ethernet LAN interfaces.
Default IP Address:
Default IP subnet mask:
WEB login User Name: admin
WEB login Password: admin
IP Configuration
In this section that user could configure the connection type of WAN port. Please check with your
Internet Service Provider about the essential connection parameter.
WAN Interface Setup
under the
IP Config
menu. CMR-986 supports 3 interfaces and 5 access types. Follow the
instructions below for each to set up accordingly.
Choose your WAN Interface and WAN type, and click
its associated settings will show up.
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