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Downloading/Uploading files
Notice :
The “WRITING/READING” message will appear during file download or upload.
Disconnecting the USB cable while “WRITING/READING” is displayed may cause
malfunction of the unit.
Files willl not necessarily play back in the order displayed in the Removable Disc in
Windows Explorer.
Connect the player to your PC with the supplied USB cable.
Open Windows Explorer on PC.
Removable Disc is displayed in Windows Explorer.
Select the file to save and drag-and-drop it into the removable disk icon.
(Files will appear In numerical, alphabetical order)
If you change the name of music files in Windows Explorer like 001* * * , 002* * *...,
music files will be played in the order of number indicated.
Connecting the USB cable
Connect the USB cable to the USB port on the computer.
Connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB cable connection port on
the bottom of the player.
If you disconnect the USB cable from your PC while implementing a
command or initializing during USB driver installation, your PC may not
function correctly.
The USB driver is installed with a message saying that it is searching for a
new device. You may not see the display screen during installation.
Go to the device manager to check that installation has been successfully
Upon installation of the USB driver "Samsung yepp YP-T6 USB Device" will
appear in the
[System Properties]
[Device Manager]
USB connect cable
Before connecting the player to PC, make sure to install USB driver.
Insert the Installation CD into the CD-ROM drive and then click
[Install USB Driver]
Complete the installation by the instructions in the order as they appear in the windows.
Direct Connect USB Adaptor
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