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ht Link ConTrol
Press <EnTer> To enTer THe sub-menu.
ht Incoming/ OuTgoing Link WidTH
tHese iTems allow You To seT THe hYper-transporT Link widTH. SeTTing To [AuTo],
THe sYsTem will deTecT THe ht link widTH auTomaTicallY.
ht Link Speed
tHis iTem allows You To seT THe hYper-transporT Link speed. SeTTing To [AuTo], THe
sYsTem will deTecT THe ht link speed auTomaTicallY.
AdjusTed ht Link FrequencY (Mhz)
IT sHows THe adjusTed ht Link frequencY. Read-onlY.
AuTo Disable DRAM/PCI FrequencY
WHen seT To [Enabled], THe sYsTem will remove (Turn off) clocks from empTY DRAM/
PCI sloTs To minimize THe elecTromagneTic inTerference (EMI).
CPU VDD VolTage (V)/ CPU-NB VDD VolTage (V)/ DRAM VolTage
tHese iTems are used To adjusT THe volTages.
Spread SpecTrum
tHis funcTion reduces THe EMI (ElecTromagneTic InTerference) generaTed bY modu-
laTing clock generaTor pulses..
If You do noT Have anY EMI problem, leave THe seTTing aT [Disabled] for opTimal
sYsTem sTabiliTY and performance. BuT if You are plagued bY EMI, selecT THe
value of Spread SpecTrum for EMI reducTion.
tHe greaTer THe Spread SpecTrum value is, THe greaTer THe EMI is reduced, and
THe sYsTem will become less sTable. For THe mosT suiTable Spread SpecTrum
value, please consulT Your local EMI regulaTion.
Remember To disable Spread SpecTrum if You are overclocking because even a
sligHT jiTTer can inTroduce a TemporarY boosT in clock speed wHicH maY jusT cause
Your overclocked processor To lock up.
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