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to ensure THaT Cool’n’QuieT funcTion is acTivaTed and will be working properlY, iT is
required To double confirm THaT:
Run BIOS SeTup, and selecT Cell Menu. Under Cell Menu, find AMD Cool’n’QuieT,
and seT THis iTem To “Enabled”.
EnTer Windows, and selecT [STarT]->[SeTTings]->[ConTrol Panel]->[Power Op-
Tions]. EnTer Power OpTions ProperTies Tag, and selecT
Minimal Power Manage-
menT under
Power scHemes.
C±E SupporT
to enable THis iTem To reduce THe CPU power consumpTion wHile idle. NoT all
porcessors supporT EnHanced halT TaTe (C±E).
AdjusT CPU FSB FrequencY (Mhz)
tHis iTem allows You To selecT THe CPU FronT Side Bus clock frequencY (in Mhz).
OC STepping
tHis iTem will be enabled afTer You seT THe overclocking frequencY in THe “AdjusT
CPU FSB FrequencY (Mhz)”. And THe following iTems will appear. tHis iTems will
Help THe sYsTem To overclock sTep bY sTep afTer sYsTem booTing up.
STarT OC STepping From (Mhz)
tHis iTem is used To seT THe iniTial base clock. tHe sYsTem will booT wiTH THe iniTial
base clock, and sTarT To overclock from iniTial base clock To seT base clock THaT
You seT in “AdjusT CPU FSB FrequencY (Mhz)” sTep bY sTep.
tHis iTem is used To seT How manY sTeps for base colck overclocking.
OC STep CounT timer
tHis iTem is used To seT THe buffer Time for everY sTep.
AdjusT CPU RaTio
tHis iTem is used To adjusT CPU clock mulTiplier (raTio). IT is available onlY wHen THe
processor supporTs THis funcTion.
AdjusTed CPU FrequencY (Mhz)
IT sHows THe adjusTed CPU frequencY. Read-onlY.
AdjusT CPU-NB RaTio
tHis iTem is used To adjusT CPU-NB raTio.
AdjusTed CPU-NB FrequencY (Mhz)
IT sHows THe adjusTed CPU-NB frequencY. Read-onlY.
AMD turbo Core tecHnologY
tHis TecHnologY auTomaTicallY increases THe frequencY of acTive CPU cores To
improve performance.
AdjusT Max turbo Core RaTio
tHis iTem is used To adjusT THe maximum CPU Turbo core raTio.
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