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Power on THe compuTer and THe sYsTem will sTarT POSt (Power On Self tesT)
process. WHen THe message below appears on THe screen, press <DEL> keY To
enTer SeTup.
Press DEL To enTer SeTup Menu
If THe message disappears before You respond and You sTill wisH To enTer SeTup,
resTarT THe sYsTem bY Turning iT OFF and On or pressing THe RESEt buTTon. you
maY also resTarT THe sYsTem bY simulTaneouslY pressing <CTrl>, <AlT>, and <De-
leTe> keYs.
tHe iTems under eacH BIOS caTegorY described in THis cHapTer are under con-
Tinuous updaTe for beTTer sYsTem performance. tHerefore, THe descripTion maY be
sligHTlY differenT from THe laTesT BIOS and sHould be Held for reference onlY.
tHe Menu Bar
STandard CMOS FeaTures
Use THis menu for basic sYsTem configuraTions, sucH as Time, daTe eTc.
Advanced BIOS FeaTures
Use THis menu To seTup THe iTems of special enHanced feaTures.
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