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Functions of each version will differ from each other, and will be based on the function
descriptions of each version.
System Requirements
First OS must be Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP
Support Only Windows OS (No Linux)
Windows server OS and Windows NT not supported
Minimum of Intel 486 or above, 16MB of memory or above
Minimum of 500MB free/usable space or above
Support for SCSI & SATA Hard disk
Pro Magic Plus only supports SCSI hard disk with Windows 2000 or OS above
Notice Before Installation
Before install Pro Magic Plus, turn off all anti-virus software. (Include BIOS anti-virus
Pro Magic Plus does not support multiple PRI partitions.
If you have multiple PRI
partitions, please repartition your HD before installation.
If your HDD is not fully partitioned (with un-partitioned/unused space at end of HDD),
please repartition the HDD before install Pro Magic Plus.