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Pro Magic Plus Function Introduction
What’s Pro Magic Plus?
Tired with reinstall OS each time when it doesn’t work?
Does your computer often crash
down or unable to work after installed new software? Have you had great loses and troubles
because of computer problems? Still using time-consuming backup software that occupies
lots of HD space?
Pro Magic Plus- an instant system recovery software tailored to solve these problems for
It combines various application tools (e.g. anti-virus, backup software, uninstall
software, multi-boot software) to satisfy your needs of all sorts of system protections.
What functions does Pro Magic Plus have?
Instant System Restoration
– Regardless of mis-operation or system crash, install
Pro Magic Plus beforehand would allow you to instantly restore your system back by
simply reboot your computer.
– Auto installation from CD ROM; Supports Mouse
System Uninstall
– Pro Magic provides a protection mode, which allows user to freely
test any software.
If user does not want to keep the software, just reboot the computer
to restore back to the previous state, and Pro Magic will remove it completely from you
Password Security
– Pro Magic provides double password protection, including user
password for entering each OS and manager password for managing ‘Pro Magic’, which
can effectively prevent others from using your computer without permission or data from
being stolen.
(disable item for OEM version)
Complete Protection
– Pro Magic not only protects the system disk, but also can
protect your data disk, and does not require to reboot when backup or restore data disk.
Multipoint Save/Restore
– You can backup your system whenever you need and
restore them back to anytime you wish, 1 hour, 1 day or 1 month ago.
Restore points
are unlimited.
(disable item for OEM version)
Data Disk Protection
– Pro Magic Plus now comes with data disk protection, provides
complete protection for your computer!
(disable item for OEM version)
You can choose to change the default path of ‘My Document’, ‘My Favorite’ and
‘Outlook Express’
, so that when you are restoring the system, data in these folders will
not be restored as well. (This is optional, you can leave it as it is).