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future USB demands which are also equipped with hardware monitor function on system to
monitor and protect your system and maintain your non-stop business computing.
Some special features---
CPU Thermal Throttling/ CPU Vcore 7-shift/ CPU Smart Fan/
Debug Port(Option)
in this motherboard are designed for power user to use the over-clocking
function in more flexible ways. But please be caution that the over-clocking maybe cause the
fails in system reliabilities. This motherboard provides the guaranteed performance and meets
the demands of the next generation computing. But if you insist to gain more system
performance with variety possibilities of the components you choose, please be careful and
make sure to read the detailed descriptions of these value added product features, please get
them in the coming section.
Special Features of motherboard
CPU Thermal Throttling Technology
---(The CPU Overheat Protection Technology)
To prevent the increasing heat from damage of CPU or accidental shutdown while at high
workload, the CPU Thermal Throttling Technology will force CPU to enter partially idle
mode from 87.5% to 12.5% according to preset CPU operating temperature in BIOS (from 40
to 90
). When the system senses the CPU operating temperature reaching the preset value,
the CPU operating bandwidth will be decreased to the preset idle percentage to cool down the
processor. When at throttling mode the beeper sound can be optionally selected to indicate it
is in working.
( for detail operating please read Section 3-11 Bi-turbo Configuration)
Debug Port (Option)
--- ( The Professional Hardware Diagnosis System )
Being bugged of abnormal system failure through the tossed and turned nights no more, the
embedded Hardware Debug Port offers you the real-time visual system healthy for the
demanding usage of computing. No more bugging by unknown system failure and no more
time wasted in the first moment of 24-hour nonstop ping business computing, the embedded
Debug Port will turn you into a well training hardware professional with the seeing system
situation. (The Post Code please refer Appendix)
CPU Smart Fan
---( The Noise Management System )
It’s never been a good idea to gain the performance of your system by sacrificing its acoustics.
CPU Smart Fan Noise Management System is the answer to control the noise level needed for
now-a-day’s high performance computing system. The system will automatically increase the
fan speed when CPU operating loading is high, after the CPU is in normal operating condition,
the system will low down the fan speed for the silent operating environment. The system can
provide the much longer life cycle for both CPU and the system fans for game use and
business requirements.
CPU Vcore 7-Shift
--- ( Shift to Higher Performance )
The CPU voltage can be adjusted up by 7 steps for the precisely over-clocking of extra
demanding computing performance.