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Power Button Function
Pressing the power button for more than 4 seconds forces the system to enter the Soft-Off state.
The settings are: Delay 4 Sec, Instant-Off.
Wake Up On Ring/PME
During Disabled, the system will ignore any incoming call from the modem. During Enabled,
the system will boot up if there’s an incoming call from the modem.
Wake-Up by Alarm
This function is for setting date and time for your computer to boot up.
During Disabled, you
cannot use this function.
During Enabled, choose the Date and Time Alarm:
Date(of month) Alarm
You can choose which month the system will boot up.
Set to 0, to boot every day.
Time(hh:mm:ss) Alarm
You can choose what hour, minute and second the system will boot up.
If you have change the setting, you must let the system boot up until it goes to the
operating system, before this function will work.
Miscellaneous Control
This section is for setting CPU Frequency/Voltage Control.
Phoenix – AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility
Miscellaneous Control
Item Help
CPU Spread Spectrum
SATA Spread Spectrum
PCIE Spread Spectrum
Flash Part Write Protect
> IRQ Resources
Press Enter
PCI/VGA Palette Snoop
*** PCIExpress Relative Items ***
Maximum Payload Size
Menu Level >
Move Enter:Select +/-/PU/PD:Value F10:Save ESC:Exit
F1:General Help
F5:Previous Values
F6:Optimized Defaults
F7:Standard Defaults
Auto Detect PCI Clock
This item allows you to enable/disable auto detect PCI Clock.
Spread Spectrum
This item allows you to set the CPU Host / SATA / PCI clock and Spread Spectrum.
The settings are: Enabled, Disabled.
IRQ Resources
When resources are controlled manually, assign each system interrupt a type, depending on
the type of device using the interrupt.
Please refer to section 3-9-1