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Chapter 1
Introduction of 915GCP/915GC/915PCP/915PC Motherboard
1-1 Feature of motherboard
The 915GCP/915GC/915PCP/915PC motherboard is design for use Intel Pentium 4 Processor
in LGA775(Land Grid Array) Socket Prescott Processor with the Intel 915G/915P Chipset
delivers a high performance and professional desktop platform solution. Which utilize the
design and the memory size expandable to 4.0GB.
These motherboards use the newest Intel 915G/915P Chipset Supports 533MHz/800MHz
Processor System Bus (FSB) in data transfer rate, the 915GCP/915GC/915PCP/915PC
provided 200MHz/166MHz SDRAM clock frequency support DDR400/DDR333 SDRAM.
These motherboard also provided Dual Channel function to increase memory performance.
The motherboard embedded ICH6 chipset offers one parallel ULTRA ATA
interface and
four serial ATA interface to provide speedier HDD throughout that boosts overall system
915GCP/915GC with integrated 2D/3D Graphics Accelerator which supports 256 bit graphics
core, and supports hardware motion compensation assist for software MPEG/DVD decode,
makes this board lower cost alternative to a video card. For those wanting even greater
graphic performance. One 16-lane PCI Express port intended for Graphics Attach, fully
compliant to the
PCI Express Base Specification revision 1.0a,
and two 1-lan PCI Express
port support.
This X16 PCI Express Slot provided multiplexed Digital display channels, Support with
ADD2 Card (Advanced Digital Display).
The 915GCP/915PCP motherboard including Fast Ethernet PCI LAN chip support 10Mb/s,
100Mb/s Base transfer rate.
These motherboards also has an integrated 8-channel High Definition Audio Codec
on board
support 8-channel 3D surround positioning Audio which is fully compatible with Sound
Blaster Pro
that gives you the best sound quality and compatibility. The motherboard
provided SPDIF-In/ SPDIF-Out optical function support SPDIF device.
With USB control as well as capability of expanding to 8 USB2.0 function ports, these
motherboards meet future USB demand also these motherboard have built-in hardware
monitor function. This will monitor and protect your computer. These motherboards special
design in hardware to protect BIOS from virus crash BIOS data.
These motherboards provide special function in BIOS Setup to setting CPU Host clock step
by step increasing let users to approach over clocking.
These motherboards provided high performance & meet future specification demand.
It is
really wise choice for your computer.