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Load Optimized Defaults
Use this menu to load the BIOS default values that are settings for optimal performances
system operations.
Load Standard Defaults
Use this menu to load the BIOS default values that are factory settings for the stable
performance system operation.
Set Supervisor/User Password
Use this menu to set User and Supervisor Passwords.
Save & Exit Setup
Save CMOS value changes to CMOS and exit setup.
Exit Without Saving
Abandon all CMOS value changes and exit setup.
3-4 Standard CMOS Features
The items in Standard CMOS Setup Menu are divided into several categories.
Each category
includes no, one or more than one setup items.
Use the arrow keys to highlight the item and
then use the <PgUp> or <PgDn> keys to select the value you want in each item.
CMOS Setup Utility – Copyright(C) 1984-2004 Award Software
Standard CMOS Features
Item Help
Date (mm:dd:yy)
Thu, Nov, 18 2004
Time (hh:mm:ss)
11 : 02 : 35
> IDE Primary Master
Press Enter None
> IDE Primary Slave
Press Enter None
> IDE Secondary Master
Press Enter None
> IDE Secondary Slave
Press Enter None
Drive A
1.44M, 3.5 in.
Drive B
Halt On
All,But Keyboard
Base Memory
Extended Memory
Total Memory
Menu Level >
Change the day, month,
year and century
Move Enter:Select +/-/PU/PD:Value F10:Save ESC:Exit
F1:General Help
F5:Previous Values
F6:Optimized Defaults
F7:Standard Defaults
The date format is <day><month><date><year>.
Day of the week, from Sun to Sat, determined by BIOS. Read-only.
The month from Jan. through Dec.
The date from 1 to 31 can be keyed by numeric function keys.
The year depends on the year of the BIOS.
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