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The Main Menu
Once you enter Award
BIOS CMOS Setup Utility, the Main Menu (Figure 3-1) will appear
on the screen.
The Main Menu allows you to select from fourteen setup functions and two
exit choices.
Use arrow keys to select among the items and press <Enter> to accept or enter
the sub-menu.
CMOS Setup Utility – Copyright(C) 1984-2004 Award Software
Standard CMOS Features
Advanced BIOS Features
Advanced Chipset Features
Integrated Peripherals
Power Management Setup
PnP/PCI Configurations
PC Health Status
Miscellaneous Control
Load optimized Defaults
Load Standard Defaults
Set Supervisor Password
Set User Password
Save & Exit Setup
Exit Without Saving
Esc : Quit
: Select Item
F10 : Save & Exit Setup
Time, Date, Hard Disk Type...
Figure 3-1
Standard CMOS Features
Use this Menu for basic system configurations.
Advanced BIOS Features
Use this menu to set the Advanced Features available on your system.
Advanced Chipset Features
Use this menu to change the values in the chipset registers and optimize your system’s
Integrated Peripherals
Use this menu to specify your settings for integrated peripherals.
Power Management Setup
Use this menu to specify your settings for power management.
PnP/PCI configurations
This entry appears if your system supports PnP/PCI.
PC Health Status
This entry shows your PC health status.
Miscellaneous Control
Use this menu to specify your settings for Miscellaneous control.