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ATX 12V Power Connector (4-pin block) : ATX12V
This is a new defined 4-pins connector that usually comes with ATX Power Supply. The
ATX Power Supply which fully support Pentium 4 processor
must including this connector
for support extra 12V voltage to maintain system power consumption. Without this
connector might cause system unstable because the power supply can not provide sufficient
current for system.
Pin 1
USB Port connector: USB1
USB Port connector: UL1 (USB)
The connectors are 4-pin connector that connect USB devices to the system board.
LAN Port connector: LAN (for 915GCP/915PCP)
This connector is standard RJ45 connector for Network connector.
PS/2 Mouse & PS/2 Keyboard Connector: KB (PS2 KB/MOUSE)
The connectors for PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 Mouse.
Parallel Port Connector (25-pin female): PARALLEL
Parallel Port connector is a 25-pin D-Subminiature Receptacle connector.
The On-board
Parallel Port can be disabled through the BIOS SETUP.
Please refer to Chapter 3
“INTEGRATED PERIPHERALS SETUP” section for more detail information.
Audio Line-In, Lin-Out, MIC, Surrback, Surround, GEN/LEF Connector : J1
This Connector are 6 phone Jack for LINE-OUT, LINE-IN, MIC, Surrback, Surround,
Line-out : (GREEN)
Audio output to speaker
Line-in :
Audio input to sound chip
Microphone Connector
Surrback : (ORANGE)
Audio output to speaker-Rear speaker out
Surround : (BLACKNESS)
Audio output to speaker-Center/Subwoofer speaker out
Audio output to speaker-Side speaker out
VGA Connector (15-pin D-Sub) Connector: VGA (for 915GCP/915GC only)
VGA is the 15-pin D-Subminiature female connector for display monitor.
Serial Port COM1/COM2: COM1/COM2 (COM2 only for 915PCP/915PC)
COM1/COM2 is the 9-pin D-Subminiature mail connector. The On-board serial port can be
disabled through BIOS SETUP. Please refer to Chapter 3 “INTEGRATED PERIPHERALS
SETUP” section for more detail information.