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P3 Series
User's Manual
4.5.8 PnP PCI Configuration
Init Display First
This setting specifies which graphics card is your primary graphics adapter. We suggest
you to keep the default setting.
Reset configuration data
Usually you'd better keep this setting [Disabled].
Resource controlled by
The plug and play bios from Award can configure all the booting devices and plug and
play devices automatically.
IRQ Resources
Press <Enter> to enter the sub-menu and the following screen appears. When "Resources
Controlled By" sets to [Manual], this field is adjustable.
IRQ-3 assigned to PCI Device
IRQ-4 assigned to PCI Device
IRQ-5 assigned to PCI Device
IRQ-7 assigned to PCI Device
IRQ-9 assigned to PCI Device
IRQ-10 assigned to PCI Device
IRQ-11 assigned to PCI Device
IRQ-12 assigned to PCI Device
IRQ-14 assigned to PCI Device
IRQ-15 assigned to PCI Device
PCI/VGA Palette Snoop
If this option sets to [Enabled], different VGA devices which work in different bus will
manage the data from CPU with different palettes.
NOTE: This option can fix some issue that the VGA card is not standard .We suggest you
to keep the default setting.
Maximum Payload Size
This setting specifies the maximum TLP payload size for the PCI Express devices. The unit
is byte.
Phoenix - AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility
PnP/PCI Configurations
Init Display First
Reset Configuration Data
Resources Controlled By
x IRQ Resources
PCI/VGA Palette Snoop
INT Pin 1 Assignment
INT Pin 2 Assignment
INT Pin 3 Assignment
INT Pin 4 Assignment
INT Pin 5 Assignment
INT Pin 6 Assignment
INT Pin 7 Assignment
INT Pin 8 Assignment
Press Enter
Item Help
Menu Level
** PCI Express relative items **
Maximum Payload Size
:Move Enter:Select
F1:General Help
F5: Previous Values
F6: Fail-Safe Defaults
F7: Optimized Defaults
PCI Slot
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