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User's Manual
• Administrator Password
This option is used to set an administrator password, as the following steps:
1. Move the cursor to the Administrator Password item, press <Enter>.
2. In the "Create New Password" dialog box, enter 3 to 20 characters or numbers to be
press <Enter>, and enter again in the "Confirm Password" dialog box to confirm
the password
is correct.
If the prompt "Invalid Password!" , entering the password does not match, please enter it
To clear the system administrator password, select "Administrator Password", in "Enter
Current Password" dialog box enter the old password, and in the "Create New
Password "<Enter>, password is cleared.
• User Password
The option be used to set the user password, setting steps is same with "Administrator
Password" Setting way.
Don’t forget your password. If you forget the password, you will have to open the
computer case and clear all information in the CMOS before you can start up the
system. But by doing this, you will have to reset all previously set options.
Security setting
Aptio Setup Utility - Copyright (C) 2010 American Megatrends,Inc.
Save & Exit
Password Description
If ONLY the Administrator'password is set,
then this only limits access to Setup and is
only asked for when entering Setup.
If ONLY the User's password is set, then this
isa power on password and must be entered to
boot or enter Setup. In Setup the User will
have Admimistrator rights.
The password must be 3 to 20 characters long.
Administrator Password
User Password
Set Setup Administrator
: Select Scree
Select Item
Enter: Select
Change Opt.
F1: General Help
F7: Previous Values
F8: Fail-Safe Values
F9: Optimized Defaults
F10: Save & Exit
ESC: Exit
Version 2.02.1205. (C)Copyright 2010 American Megatrends, Inc.
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