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User's Manual
Boot setting
Aptio Setup Utility - Copyright (C) 2010 American Megatrends,Inc.
Save & Exit
Boot Configuration
Setup Prompt Timeout
Bootup NumLock State
Full Screen Logo
Option ROM Messages
Interrupt 19 Capture
Boot Option Priorities
Boot Option #1
Hard Drive BBS Priorities
[Force BIOS]
[SATA: Hitach...]
Number of seconds to wait
for setup activation key.
65535(0xFFFF) means
indefinite waiting.
: Select Scree
Select Item
Enter: Select
Change Opt.
F1: General Help
F7: Previous Values
F8: Fail-Safe Values
F9: Optimized Defaults
F10: Save & Exit
ESC: Exit
Version 2.02.1205. (C)Copyright 2010 American Megatrends, Inc.
• Setup Prompt Timeout
Number of seconds to wait for setup activation key.
• Bootup NumLock State
Allows you to select the power-on state for the NumLock.
• Full Screen Logo
This item determines to show the full screen logo when booting.
• Option ROM Messages
Set display mode for option ROM.
• Interrupt 19 Capture
When set to Enabled, this function allows the option ROMs to trap Interrupt 19.
• Boot Option #1
Sets the system boot order.
Hard Drive BBS Priorities
Click <Enter> key to enter its submenu, it will be display specifies the boot sequence from
the available devices.
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