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User's Manual
This is CPU configuration options, and show processor working states, such as frequency
64-bit support, maximum/min frequency, stepping, microcode version, code number and
hyper-threading technology support, etc.
• Max Freq Ratio
This sets the maximum ratio.
• Set Boot Freq Ratio
This sets the boot ratio.
• Hyper-threading
Setting hyper-threading technology open or closed
• Active Processor Cores
Setting processor core number
• Limit CPUID Maxinum
When set to [Enabled], this item limits the CPUID maximum value to 3, which is usually
required for older OS like Windows NT4.0.
• Execute Disble Bit
This item appears only for certain processors with the Execute Disable Bit (XD bit) feature.
When set to [Enabled], this item allows the processor to prevent data pages from being used
by malicious software to execute code and provide memory protection.
• Hardware Prefetcher
To turn on/off the Mid Level Cache (L2) streamer prefetcher.
• Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch
Setting to turn of/off prefectching of adjcent cache lines.
• Intel Virtualization Technology
When enabled, a VMM can utilize the additional hardware capabilities provided by Vanderpool
• CPU C3 Report
Setting CPU C3(ACPI C2) report to OS
• CPU C6 Report
Setting CPU C6(ACPI C3) report to OS.
• Package C State limit
Setting of CPU C energy-saving depth.
• Local x2APIC
This item enables Local x2APIC. Some OSes do not support this feature.
Press <
> key to return to "
" menu.
USB Confguration
Click <Enter> key to enter its submenu.
Aptio Setup Utility - Copyright (C) 2010 American Megatrends,Inc.
USB Configuration
USB Devices
2 Hubs
Legacy USB Support
EHCI Hand-off
Port 60/64 Emulation
USB hardware delays and time-outs
USB transfer time-out
Device reset time-out
Device power-up delay
[20 sec]
[20 sec]
Enables Legacy USB
Support. AUTO option
disables legacy support
if no USB devices are
connected. DISABLE option
will keep USB devices
available only for EFI
: Select Screen
Select Item
Enter: Select
Change Opt.
F1: General Help
F7: Previous Values
F8: Fail-Safe Values
F9: Optimized Defaults
F10: Save & Exit
ESC: Exit
Version 2.02.1205. (C)Copyright 2010 American Megatrends, Inc.
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