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User's Manual
This item for clearing NVRAM during system boot.
Plug & Play O/S
This item lets the BIOS configure all the devices in the system or lets the operating system
configure plug and play (PnP) devices not required for boot if your system has a Plug and Play
operating system.
PCI Latency Timer
This item sets value in units of PCI clocks for PCI device latency timer register.
Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA
This item assigns IRQ to PCI VGA card if card requests IRQ or doesn't assign IRQ to PCI VGA
card even if card requests an IRQ.
Palette Snooping
This item informs the PCI devices that an ISA graphics device is installed in the system so the
card will function correctly.
PCI IDE BusMaster
This item uses PCI busmastering for BIOS reading / writing to IDE derives.
OffBoard PCI/ISA IDE Card
This item works for most PCI IDE cards, some PCI IDE cards may require this to be set to the
PCI slot number that is holding the card.
IRQ3/4/5/7/9/10/11/14/15,DMA Channel 0/1/3/5/6/7
This item lists IRQ 3/4/5/7/9/10/11/12/14/15 for users to set each IRQ a type depending on
the type of device using the IRQ/DMA.
Reserved Memory Size
This setting specifies the maximum TLP payload size for the PCI Express devices. The unit is
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