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User's Manual
3.8 S/PDIF Output Connection Header
S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) is a standard audio transfer file format. It is
found on digital audio equipment such as a DAT (Digital Audio Tape) machine or
processing device. It allows the transfer of audio from one file to another without
the conversion to and from an analog format, which could degrade the signal quality.
3.9 ATX Power Input Connectors
(ATX Power) connector
We recommend to use our motherboard with a power supply that complies with the ATX12V
Power Supply Design Guide Version 1.1. Every ATX12V power supply unit has a standard
24-pin ATX main power connector that must be plugged into this connector. If you would like
to use an old power supply with only a 20-pin ATX main power connector, then please plug
the 20-pin ATX main power connector along with pin 1 and pin 13.
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