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User's Manual
HD_LED (Red):
Hard Driver LED connector
This connector connects to the case-mounted HD LED cable, and the LED will light when the
hard drive(s) is/are being accessed.
RST (Blue):
Reset Switch
This connector connects to the case-mounted reset switch which allows you to reboot without
having to power-off the system and thus prolonging the life of the power supply or system.
PWR_ON (Black):
Power Switch
Depending on the setting in the BIOS setup, this switch serves two functions which will allow
you to power-on/off the system or to enter the suspend mode.
PWR_LED (Green):
Power/Standby LED
When the system's power is on, this LED will light. When the system is in the S1 (POS - Power
on Suspend) or S3 (STR - Suspend to RAM, optional) state, it will blink every second.
SPEAKER (Yellow or Black):
Speaker Connector
This 4-pin connector connects to the case-mounted speaker.
3.6 FAN Power Connectors
These connectors each provide power to the cooling fans installed in your system.
CFAN or CFAN1: CPU Fan Power Connector
SFAN1: System Fan Power Connector
These fan connectors are not jumpers. DO NOT place
jumper caps on these connectors.
3.7 Front Panel Switches & SPEAKER- Headers
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