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Quick Reference Guide
w w w . d e l l . c o m | s u p p o r t . d e l l . c o m
Service Tag and Express Service Code
Microsoft Windows License Label
Service Tag and Microsoft Windows License
These labels are located on your computer.
Use the Service Tag to
identify your
computer when you
or contact technical
Enter the Express
Service Code to direct your call when contacting
technical support. The Express Service Code is not
available in all countries.
Latest drivers for my computer
Answers to technical service and support questions
Online discussions with other users and technical
Documentation for my computer
Dell Support Website —
Select your region to view the appropriate support
The Dell Support website provides several online tools,
Solutions — Troubleshooting hints and tips, articles
from technicians, and online courses
Community — Online discussion with other Dell
Upgrades — Upgrade information for components, such
as memory, the hard drive, and the operating system
Customer Care — Contact information, order status,
warranty, and repair information
Downloads — Drivers, patches, and software updates
Reference — Computer documentation, product
specifications, and white papers
Service call status and support history
Top technical issues for my computer
Frequently asked questions
File downloads
Details on my computer configuration
Service contract for my computer
Dell Premier Support Website —
The Dell Premier Support website is customized for
corporate, government, and education customers. This
website may not be available in all regions.
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