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Removing and Installing Parts
w w w . d e l l . c o m | s u p p o r t . d e l l . c o m
Pull the securing tab, grasp the card by its top corners, and then ease it out of its connector.
Prepare the card for installation.
See the documentation that came with the card for information on configuring the card,
making internal connections, or otherwise customizing it for your computer.
Some network adapters automatically start the computer when they are connected to a
network. To guard against electrical shock, be sure to unplug your computer from its electrical outlet
before installing any cards.
If you are installing the card into the x16 card connector, position the card so that the
securing slot is aligned with the securing tab.
Ensure that you release the securing tab to seat the card. If the card is not installed correctly,
you may damage the system board.
Place the card in the connector and press down firmly. Ensure that the card is fully seated in
the slot.
PCI Express
x16 card
PCI Express x16
card slot
PCI Express x1
PCI Express x1
card slot
securing tab
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