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Removing and Installing Parts
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Push the two release tabs on the card retention door from the inside to pivot the door open.
Because the door is captive, it will remain in the open position.
If your computer includes a card retention mechanism, to secure the x16 card in place from
the top:
Pivot the mechanism upward and gently press the release tab downward to release the
mechanism from the two tab slots holding it in place.
Set the retention mechanism aside in a secure location.
If you are installing a new card, remove the filler bracket to create a card-slot opening. Then
continue with step 7.
If you are replacing a card that is already installed in the computer, remove the card.
If necessary, disconnect any cables connected to the card. Grasp the card by its top corners,
and ease it out of its connector.
Prepare the card for installation.
See the documentation that came with the card for information on configuring the card,
making internal connections, or otherwise customizing it for your computer.
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