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Troubleshooting Tools
A possible expansion card failure has
Determine if a conflict exists by
removing a card (not a graphics card)
and restarting the computer (see
page 68).
If the problem persists, reinstall the
card that you removed, remove a
different card, and then restart the
Repeat this process for each card. If the
computer starts normally, troubleshoot
the last card removed from the
computer for resource conflicts (see
page 51).
If the problem persists, contact Dell
(see page 119).
Another failure has occurred.
Ensure that the cables are properly
connected to the system board from
the hard drive, CD drive, and DVD
drive (see page 63).
If there is an error message on your
screen identifying a problem with a
device (such as the floppy drive or hard
drive), check the device to ensure that
it is functioning properly.
The operating system is attempting to
boot from a device (such as the floppy
drive or hard drive); check system
setup (see page 107) to make sure the
boot sequence is correct for the devices
installed on your computer.
If the problem persists, contact Dell
(see page 119).
All four diagnostic lights display solid
green and then turn off after the system
successfully boots to the operating
Light Pattern
Problem Description
Suggested Resolution
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