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* The WiFi header comes in WiFi (2 x 6 Pin) and WiFi/E (2 x 8 Pin) designs
respectively, but to plug the ASRock WiFi-802.11g module on it, please align the
module connector to the left hand side of the header.
5. Fasten ASRock WiFi-802.11g module to the motherboard with screws.
6. Place your motherboard to the chassis.
7. Connect the cable-end from the antenna to the antenna port on ASRock
WiFi-802.11g module.
8. Place the antenna at an elevated location. A wide and open position will enhance
the operating range.
2.3. Driver and Utility Installation
After you finish the hardware installation, you need to install WiFi driver and utility
to your system. Please boot your system and follow below steps to install the WiFi
driver and utility.
1. Insert ASRock motherboard support CD to the optical drive.
2. The system will automatically display the driver menu. Click “ASRock
WiFi-802.11g Driver and Utility” and follow screen instructions to finish the driver
After above steps, the WiFi driver and utility are installed to your system
* Microsoft
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