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4. Advanced Setup in ASRock WiFi-802.11g Utility
If you want to set up ASRock WiFi-802.11g for advanced use, please use ASRock
WiFi-802.11g utility and follow below procedures according to the mode you choose.
For general users, it is unnecessary to read below advanced setup in ASRock
WiFi-802.11g utility.
Here we take Windows
for example in the following pictures. Since
the setup procedures are quite similar in different operating systems, please refer to
below procedures when setting up ASRock WiFi-802.11g utility under other
operating systems.
4.1 Setting up the AP Mode
1. Double-click the utility shortcut
on the desktop or double-click the
icon on your Windows
taskbar to open the setup utility.
2. The setup utility contains six buttons - Status, Config, Survey, Statistics, Advanced
and ICS in the left column. The survey button is greyed out in AP mode and the
ICS button is disabled when in the station mode. Click
button. Click the
AP/Station Mode
switch button -
To Access Point Mode
. Then ASRock
WiFi-802.11g module is switched to AP mode in several seconds.