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Choose the RAID level you want. In the Define LD Menu section, press the spacebar to cycle through logical drive
types, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID Ready, JBOD and RAID 10.
While you are allowed to use any available RAID level for your bootable logical drive, it is recommended to use RAID 1 for most
Press the arrow key to move to Disk Assignments. Press the spacebar to toggle between N and Y for each available
drive. Y means this disk drive will be assigned to the logical drive. Assign the appropriate number of disk drives to your
logical drive. Then press <Ctrl-Y> to save your logical drive configuration. You have the option of using all of the disk
drive capacity for one logical drive or allocating a portion to a second logical drive.
Press Ctrl-Y to Modify Array Capacity or press any
other key to use maximum capacity...
Choose one of the following actions:
Use the full capacity of the disk drives for a single logical drive
: Please read “One Logical Drive” below.
Split the disk drives among two logical drives
: Please read “Two Logical Drives” below.
One Logical Drive
After selecting the logical drive in Disk Assignments as the above-mentioned procedures, press any key (except for
<Ctrl-Y>) to use the full portion of the logical drive for one logical drive. Then please follow the steps below:
Press <Esc> to exit to the Main Menu.
Press <Esc> again to exit the Utility.
Press <Y> to restart your computer.
You have successfully created a new RAID logical drive. Please install the operating system to your computer by