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Intel (R) TurboMode tech
Use this item to enable or disable Intel (R) Turbo Boost Technology. Turbo
mode allows processor cores to run faster than marked frequency in specific
condition. The default value is [Enabled].
Intel (R) C-STATE tech.
Intel (R) C-STATE tech. is achieved by making the power and thermal con-
trol unit part of the core logic and not part of the chipset as before. Migration
of the power and thermal management flow into the processor allows us
to use a hardware coordination mechanism in which each core can re-
quest any C-state it wishes, thus allowing for individual core savings to be
maximized. The CPU C-state is determined and entered based on the low-
est common denominator of both cores’ requests, portraying a single CPU
entity to the chipset power management hardware and flows. Thus, soft-
ware can manage each core independently, while the actual power man-
agement adheres to the platform and CPU shared resource restrictions.
C State package limit setting
This item appears only when you set the item “Intel (R) C-STATE tech.” to
[Enabled]. The selected option will programme into C State package limit
register. Configuration options: [Auto], [C3] and [C6]. The default value is
Please note that enabling this function may reduce CPU voltage and lead to system
stability or compatibility issue with some power supplies. Please set this item to
[Disable] if above issue occurs.
/ 7, or Linux kernel version 2.4.18 or higher. This option will be
hidden if the installed CPU does not support Hyper-Threading technology.
Active Processor Cores
Use this item to select the number of cores to enable in each processor
package. Configuration options: [All], [1] and [2]. The default value is [All].
Use this item to enable or disable A20M. Legacy OS and AP may need A20M
enabled. The default value is [Disabled].
Intel (R) SpeedStep(tm) tech.
Intel (R) SpeedStep(tm) tech. is Intel’s new power saving technology. Proces-
sor can switch between multiple frequency and voltage points to enable power
savings. The default value is [Enabled]. Configuration options: [Auto],
[Enabled] and [Disabled]. If you install Windows
XP and select [Auto], you
need to set the “Power Schemes” as “Portable/Laptop” to enable this function.
If you install Windows
and want to enable this function, please set
this item to [Enabled]. This item will be hidden if the current CPU does not
support Intel (R) SpeedStep(tm) tech..
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