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USB Device Legacy Support:
Use this to enable or disable support to emulate
legacy I/O devices such as mouse, keyboard,... etc.
Resource Configuration:
PCI Latency Timer (PCI Clocks):
The default is 32.
We recommend you to
keep the default value unless your PCI expansion cards’ specifications
require other settings.
Primary Graphics Adapter:
Select PCI, OnBoard VGA, or Add-on AGP as the
primary graphics adapter.
Peripheral Configuration:
OnBoard FDC:
Use this to enable or disable floppy drive controller.
OnBoard Serial Port:
Use this to set addresses for the onboard serial ports or
disable serial ports.
Configuration options: [Auto], [Disabled], [3F8 / IRQ4 /
COM1], [2F8 / IRQ3 / COM2], [3E8 / IRQ4 / COM3], [2E8 / IRQ3 / COM4].
OnBoard Infrared Port:
This allows you to enable or disable the onboard
infrared port feature. Select [Auto] will enable this feature if the infrared
module is installed.
OnBoard Parallel Port:
Select Parallel Port address or disable Parallel Port.
Configuration options: [Auto], [Disabled], [378], [278].
Parallel Port Mode:
Set the operation mode of the parallel port.
OnBoard Midi Port:
Select address for Midi Port or disable Midi Port.
ration options: [Disabled], [330], [300], [290], [292].
Midi IRQ Select:
Use this to select Midi IRQ.
Configuration options: [5],
[10], [11].
The default is 5.
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