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Fatal1ty P67 Professional Series Motherboard
Who knew that at age 19, I would be a World Champion PC gamer. When I was 13, I
actually played competitive billiards in professional tournaments and won four or five
games off guys who played at the highest level. I actually thought of making a career
of it, but at that young age situations change rapidly. Because I’ve been blessed with
great hand-eye coordination and a grasp of mathematics (an important element in video
gaming) I gravitated to that activity.
I started professional gaming in 1999 when I entered the CPL (Cyberathlete Professional
League) tournament in Dallas and won $4,000 for coming in third place. Emerging as one
of the top players in the United States, a company interested in sponsoring me
ew me
to Sweden to compete against the top 12 players in the world. I won 18 straight games,
lost none, and took
rst place, becoming the number one ranked Quake III player in the
world in the process. Two months later I followed that success by traveling to Dallas
and defending my title as the world’s best Quake III player, winning the $40,000 grand
prize. From there I entered competitions all over the world, including Singapore, Korea,
Germany, Australia, Holland and Brazil in addition to Los Angeles, New York and St.
I was excited to showcase my true gaming skills when defending my title as CPL
Champion of the year at the CPL Winter 2001 because I would be competing in a totally
different first person shooter (fps) game, Alien vs. Predator II. I won that competition
and walked away with a new car. The next year I won the same title playing Unreal
Tournament 2003, becoming the only three-time CPL champion of the year. And I did it
playing a different game each year, something no one else has ever done and a feat of
which I am extremely proud.
At QuakeCon 2002, I faced off against my rival ZeRo4 in one of the most highly
anticipated matches of the year, winning in a 14 to (-1) killer victory. Competing at
Quakecon 2004, I became the World’s 1st Doom3 Champion by defeating Daler in a
series of very challenging matches and earning $25,000 for the victory.
Since then Fatal1ty has traveled the globe to compete against the best in the world,
winning prizes and acclaim, including the 2005 CPL World Tour Championship in New
York City for a $150,000
rst place triumph. In August 2007, Johnathan was awarded the
rst ever Lifetime Achievement Award in the four year history of the eSports-Award for
“showing exceptional sportsmanship, taking part in shaping eSports into what it is today
and for being the prime representative of this young sport. He has become the
for eSports worldwide”.
Fatal1ty Story
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