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HDCP Function
HDCP function is supported on this motherboard. To use HDCP function
with this motherboard, you need to adopt the monitor that supports
HDCP function as well. Therefore, you can enjoy the superior display
quality with high-definition HDCP encryption contents. Please refer to
below instruction for more details about HDCP function.
What is HDCP?
HDCP stands for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, a
specification developed by Intel
for protecting digital entertainment
content that uses the DVI interface. HDCP is a copy protection
scheme to eliminate the possibility of intercepting digital data
midstream between the video source, or transmitter - such as a
computer, DVD player or set-top box - and the digital display, or
receiver - such as a monitor, television or projector. In other words,
HDCP specification is designed to protect the integrity of content as it
is being transmitted.
Products compatible with the HDCP scheme such as DVD players,
satellite and cable HDTV set-top-boxes, as well as few entertain-
ment PCs requires a secure connection to a compliant display. Due
to the increase in manufacturers employing HDCP in their equipment,
it is highly recommended that the HDTV or LCD monitor you purchase
is compatible.
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