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Boot Failure Guard
Enable or disable the feature of Boot Failure Guard.
Spread Spectrum
This item should always be [Auto] for better system stability.
Ratio Status
This is a read-only item, which displays whether the ratio status of this moth-
erboard is “Locked” or “Unlocked”. If it shows “Unlocked”, you will find an item
Ratio CMOS Setting
appears to allow you changing the ratio value of this
motherboard. If it shows “Locked”, then the item
Ratio CMOS Setting
will be
hidden. If you use the ratio value to time the CPU frequency, it will be equal to
the core speed of the installed processor.
Ratio Actual Value
This is a read-only item, which displays the ratio actual value of this
Ratio CMOS Setting
If the ratio status is unlocked, will find this item appear to allow you changing
the ratio value of this motherboard.
Enhance Halt State
All processors support the Halt State (C1). The C1 state is supported through
the native processor instructions HLT and MWAIT and requires no hardware
support from the chipset. In the C1 power state, the processor maintains the
context of the system caches.
Max CPUID Value Limit
For Prescott CPU only, some OSes (ex. NT4.0) cannot handle the function
with disable. This should be enabled in order to boot legacy OSes that
cannot support CPUs with extended CPUID functions.
Intel (R) Virtualization tech.
When this option is set to [Enabled], a VMM (Virtual Machine Architecture)
can utilize the additional hardware capabilities provided by Vanderpool
Technology. This option will be hidden if the installed CPU does not support
Intel (R) Virtualization Technology.
CPU Thermal Throttling
You may select [Enabled] to enable P4 CPU internal thermal control
mechanism to keep the CPU from overheated.
No-Excute Memory Protection
No-Execution (NX) Memory Protection Technology is an enhancement to the
IA-32 Intel Architecture. An IA-32 processor with “No Execute (NX) Memory
Protection” can prevent data pages from being used by malicious software to
execute code. This option will be hidden if the current CPU does not support
No-Excute Memory Protection.
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