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VIA Windows RAID Installation Guide
You are allowed to configure RAID functions under Windows environment. The “RAID Software” is a Windows-based software utility with
graphical user interface and provides user an easy-operation tool to configure and manage disk drives or disk arrays connected to VT8237 SATA
Please read this guide carefully and follow the instructions below to configure and manage RAID functions. For Windows 2000 / XP /
XP 64-bit and Windows Vista / Vista 64-bit, there are different installation procedures. Please follow the instructions below according to the OS
you install.
NVIDIA Windows RAID Installation Guide for Windows 2000 / XP / XP 64-bit Users
After GUI software is installed, it will automatically start every time when your Windows OS is started. An icon
will appear in the system
tray of the tool bar to indicate that GUI software is currently running.
Just double click on the small icon to call out the main interface of the software.
Create Disk Array
You may click on one of the three buttons to create different types of disk array–
Span, and
RAID 0. Then a
“Select Array Creating Method” will be prompted.