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You may use two new drives, or use an existing drive and a new drive to
create a RAID 1 (mirroring) array for data protection (the new drive must be of the same size or larger than the existing drive). If you use two
drives of different sizes, the smaller capacity hard disk will be the base storage size. For example, if one hard disk has an 80GB storage
capacity and the other hard disk has 60GB, the maximum storage capacity for the RAID 1 set is 60GB.
Please verify the status of your hard disks before you set up your new RAID array.
1.3 BIOS Configuration Utility
Enter BIOS Configuration Utility
After the system powers on, the following information will appear on the screen. Press ‘Tab’ key to enter BIOS configuration utility.
The main interface of BIOS configuration utility is as below:
Create Disk Array
Within the main interface, use the up and down arrow key to highlight the Create Array command and press <Enter> to call out the list of
creation steps.
Highlight the Array Mode and press <Enter>, then a list of array modes will appear. Just highlight the target array mode that you want to
create, and press <Enter> to confirm the selection.