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User’s Manual
For Better Display
Adjust computer resolution and screen injection rate (refresh rate) in control panel of
computer as described below to enjoy the best quality of picture. You can have an uneven
quality of picture in the screen if the best quality of picture is not provided in TFT-LCD.
Resolution: 1280 x 768
Vertical frequency (refresh rate): 60 Hz
Wide monitor such as 172W whose optimum resolution is 1280x768, please refer to
the product specifications for the optimum viewing resolution.
TFT LCD panel manufactured by using advanced semiconductor technology with
precision of 99.999% above is used for this product. But the pixels of RED, GREEN, BLUE
and WHITE color seem to be bright sometimes or some of black pixels could be seen.
This is not from bad quality and you can use it without uneasiness.
For example, the number of TFT LCD pixels that is contained in this product are
When you clean the monitor and the panel outside, please apply the recommended small
amount of cleaner by using soft and dry cloth and polish it. Let LCD area not to be forced
but to be scrubbed out softly. If excessive force is applied, you can have a stain on it.
If you are not satisfied with the quality of picture, you can get better quality of picture by
executing "auto adjustment function" in display screen that is appeared as window
termination button is pressed. If there's still noise after automatic adjustment, use
FINE/COARSE adjustment function.
If you view a fixed screen for an extended period of time, residual image or blurriness may
Change the mode to energy save or set a screensaver to moving picture when you need
to be away from the monitor for an extended period of time.
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