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IC Compliance Notice
This Class B digital apparatus meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment
Regulations of ICES-003.
Cet appareil Numérique de classe Brespecte toutes les exigences du Règlemont
03 sur les
équipements produisant des interférences au Canada.
MPR II Compliance
This monitor complies with SWEDAC(MPR II) recommendations for reduced electric and magnetic fields.
PCT Notice
European Notice(Europe Only)
Products with the CE marking comply with the EMC Directive(89/336/EEC), (92/31/EEC),
(93/68/EEC) and the Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC) issued by the Commission of the
European Community.
Compliance with these directives implies conformity to the following European Norms:
EN55022:1998+A1:2000 - Radio Frequency Interference
EN55024:1998 - Electromagnetic Immunity of Information Technology Equipment
EN61000-3-2:1995+A1/A2:1998 - Power Line Harmonics
EN61000-3-3:1995 - Voltage Fluctuations
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