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Natural Color
For Better Display
Dot Pitch
The image on a monitor is composed of red, green and blue dots. The closer the dots, the
higher the resolution. The distance between two dots of the same color is called the 'Dot Pitch'.
Unit: mm
Vertical Frequency
The screen must be redrawn several times per second in order to create and display an image
for the user. The frequency of this repetition per second is called Vertical Frequency or Refresh
Rate. Unit: Hz
Example: If the same light repeats itself 60 times per second, this is regarded as 60 Hz. In this
case, flickering of the screen can be detected. To avoid this problem, there is a
Flicker-free Mode using a vertical frequency over 70 Hz.
Horizontal Frequency
The time to scan one line connecting the right edge to the left edge of the screen horizontally is
called Horizontal Cycle. The inverse number of the Horizontal Cycle is called Horizontal
Frequency. Unit: kHz
Interlace and Non-Interlace Methods
Showing the horizontal lines of the screen from the top to the bottom in order is called the Non-
Interlace method while showing odd lines and then even lines in turn is called the Interlace
method. The Non-Interlace method is used for the majority of monitors to ensure a clear image.
The Interlace method is the same as that used in TVs.
Plug & Play
This is a function that provides the best quality screen for the user by allowing the computer and
the monitor to exchange information automatically. This monitor follows the international
standard VESA DDC for the Plug & Play function.
The number of horizontal and vertical dots used to compose the screen image is called
'resolution'. This number shows the accuracy of the display. High resolution is good for
performing multiple tasks as more image information can be shown on the screen.
Example: If the resolution is 1024 X 768, this means the screen is composed of 1024 horizontal
dots (horizontal resolution) and 768 vertical lines (vertical resolution).
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