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The sound is too thick.
Re-adjust Bass and Treble.
The sound is distorted
Turn the volume down.
Place a magazine or a pad under the stand of your monitor.
Check the following items if there is trouble with the monitor.
Check if the power cord and the cable are properly connected to the computer.
Check if the computer beeps more than 3 times when booting.
(If it does, request an after-service for the main board of the computer.)
If you installed a new video card or if you assembled the PC, check if the installed the adapter
(video) driver and the monitor driver.
Check if the scanning ratio of the video screen is set at 75Hz.
(Do not exceed 60Hz when using the maximum resolution.)
If you have problems in installing the adapter (video) driver, boot the computer in Safe Mode,
remove the Display Adapter at the "
Control Panel
Device Administrator
" and then
reboot the computer to reinstall the adapter (video) driver.
If problems repeatedly occur,
contact an authorized service center
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