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Safety and Maintenance Guidelines
Important Safety Information
A power cord is included with the monitor. If another cord is used, use only a power source and
connection appropriate for this monitor. For information on the correct power cord set to use with the
monitor, refer to the
Power Cord Set Requirements
on page
To reduce the risk of electric shock or damage to the equipment:
• Do not disable the power cord grounding feature. The grounding plug is an important safety feature.
• Plug the power cord in a grounded (earthed) outlet that is easily accessible at all times.
• Disconnect power from the product by unplugging the power cord from the electrical outlet.
For your safety, do not place anything on power cords or cables. Arrange them so that no one may
accidentally step on or trip over them. Do not pull on a cord or cable. When unplugging from the
electrical outlet, grasp the cord by the plug.
To reduce the risk of serious injury, read the
Safety and Comfort Guide
. It describes proper
workstation, setup, posture, and health and work habits for computer users, and provides important
electrical and mechanical safety information. This guide is located on the Web at
and/or on the documentation CD, if one is included with the monitor.
For the protection of the monitor, as well as the computer, connect all power cords for
the computer and its peripheral devices (such as a monitor, printer, scanner) to some form of surge
protection device such as a power strip or Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Not all power strips
provide surge protection; the power strips must be specifically labeled as having this ability. Use a
power strip whose manufacturer offers a Damage Replacement Policy so you can replace the
equipment, if surge protection fails.
Use the appropriate and correctly sized furniture designed to properly support your HP LCD monitor.
LCD monitors that are inappropriately situated on dressers, bookcases, shelves, desks,
speakers, chests, or carts may fall over and cause personal injury.
Care should be taken to route all cords and cables connected to the LCD monitor so that they can not
be pulled, grabbed, or tripped over.
Maintenance Guidelines
To enhance the performance and extend the life of the monitor:
Do not open the monitor cabinet or attempt to service this product yourself. Adjust only those
controls that are covered in the operating instructions. If the monitor is not operating properly or
has been dropped or damaged, contact an authorized HP dealer, reseller, or service provider.
Use only a power source and connection appropriate for this monitor, as indicated on the label/
back plate of the monitor.
Be sure the total ampere rating of the products connected to the outlet does not exceed the
current rating of the electrical outlet, and the total ampere rating of the products connected to the
cord does not exceed the rating of the cord. Look on the power label to determine the ampere
rating (AMPS or A) for each device.
Important Safety Information