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Product Environmental Notices
ENERGY STAR® Qualification
As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, Hewlett Packard Company has followed the EPA's enhanced
product qualification and certification process to ensure that the products marked with the ENERGY
STAR® logo are ENERGY STAR® qualified per the applicable ENERGY STAR® guidelines for
energy efficiency.
The following ENERGY STAR® certification mark appears on all ENERGY STAR® qualified displays:
The ENERGY STAR® program specifications for displays and computers were created by the EPA to
promote energy efficiency and reduce air pollution through more energy-efficient equipment in
homes, offices, and factories. One way products achieve this goal is by using the Microsoft Windows
power management feature to reduce power consumption when the product is not in use.
The power management feature enables the computer to initiate a low-power or “sleep” mode after a
period of user inactivity. When used with an external ENERGY STAR® qualified display, this feature
also supports similar power management features for the display. To take advantage of these
potential energy savings, users should use the default power management settings that are provided
with ENERGY STAR qualified computers and displays. The default power management settings on
ENERGY STAR® qualified computers are preset to behave in the following ways when the system is
operating on AC power:
Turn off an external display after 15 minutes of user inactivity
Initiate a low power sleep mode for the computer after 30 minutes of user inactivity
ENERGY STAR® qualified computers exit the low power sleep mode and ENERGY STAR® qualified
displays resume operation when the user resumes use of the computer. Examples include the user
pressing the power/sleep button, receiving an input signal from an input device, receiving an input
signal from a network connection with the Wake On LAN (WOL) feature enabled, etc.
Additional information on the ENERGY STAR® program, its environmental benefits and the potential
energy and financial savings of the power management feature can be found on the EPA ENERGY
STAR® Power Management Web site at
Materials Disposal
Some HP LCD monitors contain mercury in the fluorescent lamps that might require special handling
at end-of-life.
Disposal of this material can be regulated because of environmental considerations. For disposal or
recycling information, contact the local authorities or the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA)
Appendix B
Agency Regulatory Notices