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Install the monitor near an outlet that you can easily reach. Disconnect the monitor by grasping
the plug firmly and pulling it from the outlet. Never disconnect the monitor by pulling the cord.
Turn the monitor off when not in use. You can substantially increase the life expectancy of the
monitor by using a screen saver program and turning off the monitor when not in use.
Monitors with a “burned-in image” are not covered under the HP warranty.
Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for ventilation. These openings must not be
blocked or covered. Never push objects of any kind into cabinet slots or other openings.
Do not drop the monitor or place it on an unstable surface.
Do not allow anything to rest on the power cord. Do not walk on the cord.
Keep the monitor in a well-ventilated area, away from excessive light, heat or moisture.
When removing the monitor stand, you must lay the monitor face down on a soft area to prevent
it from getting scratched, defaced, or broken.
Cleaning the Monitor
Turn off the monitor and unplug the power cord from the back of the unit.
Dust the monitor by wiping the screen and the cabinet with a soft, clean antistatic cloth.
For more difficult cleaning situations, use a 50/50 mix of water and Isopropyl alcohol.
Spray the cleaner onto a cloth and use the damp cloth to gently wipe the screen
surface. Never spray the cleaner directly on the screen surface. It may run behind the bezel and
damage the electronics.
Do not use cleaners that contain any petroleum based materials such as benzene,
thinner, or any volatile substance to clean the monitor screen or cabinet. These chemicals may
damage the monitor.
Shipping the Monitor
Keep the original packing box in a storage area. You may need it later if you move or ship the
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Safety and Maintenance Guidelines