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Chapter 1
Features and Overview
Operation Switch Usage
° There are three methods of operation:
- Touching the switch
- Tapping the slide bar
- Tracing the slide bar
Turning the power On/Off
Displaying/Quitting a menu
Setting menu
Shortcut menu
(When the menu is not displayed on the screen)
Selecting a menu item
Setting and Adjusting
The increase/decrease speed of the
adjustment value may change
depending on the tracing speed of the
slide bar.
At ine adjustment
Tapping once changes the adjustment value to one step up or down.
Touching the slide bar continuously may change the value serially.
Fixing an item
Deciding the setting and adjusting value
Power Off: Touch
Power On: Touch any of the keys to turn on the monitor.
Touch the slide bar.
Trace the slide bar left and right.
Tap either end of the slide bar, marked with
Tap the slide bar.
° The operations with the slide bar
(selecting, setting, adjusting, Ixing
and deciding items) can be performed
with the remote control.
* When the signal is not input, even if
the contents of the menu have been
changed, the menu of “Volume” is
Switching the Input Signal
Each time you tap the switch, the input
signal switches to the other.
By touching the switch for 5 seconds, the contents of the menu
changes as follows: "Volume" → (touchIng for 5 seconds) →
"Color Mode" →(touchIng for 5 seconds) → "BrIghtness".*