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Notice for this monitor
° Never use any solvents or chemicals, such as thinner, benzene, wax, alcohol, and abrasive cleaner, which may
damage the cabinet or LCD panel.
° Optional ScreenCleaner is recommended for cleaning the panel surface.
[LCD Panel]
° Clean the LCD panel with a soft cloth such as cotton cloth or lens cleaning paper.
° Remove persistent stains gently with a cloth dampened with a little water, and then clean the LCD panel again with a
dry cloth for better Inishing.
Clean the cabinet with a soft cloth dampened with a little mild detergent.
To use the monitor comfortably
° An excessively dark or bright screen may affect your eyes. Adjust the brightness of the monitor according to the
environmental conditions.
° Staring at the monitor for a long time tires your eyes. Take a 10-minute rest every hour.