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Chapter 3
Possible cause and remedy
Noise appears on the screen.
° When entering the signals of analog input, change the
setting in <Signal Filter> from the <Screen> menu. The
symptom may not be improved depending on the input
signal used. It is recommended that you switch the
analog input signal to digital.
When receiving HDCP signals, the normal images may
not be displayed immediately.
No sound/Volume control is not available.
° Check whether the [USB] setting is corresponding to the
input signal from the PC.
The USB devices connected to the monitor do not
° Check whether the USB cable is connected correctly.
Check whether the [USB] setting is in conformance with
the input signal sent from the PC. (Refer to
page 14
Change the USB port to another one (downstream
port). If the PC or peripheral devices work correctly by
changing the USB port, contact your local dealer. (Refer
to the manual of the PC for details.)
Please perform the following to check the status.
- Reboot the PC.
- Connect the PC and peripheral devices directly.
- If the PC or peripheral devices work correctly without
connecting via the monitor (working as a USB hub),
please contact your local dealer.
Check whether the PC and OS are USB compliant. (For
USB compliance of the respective devices, consult their
° Check the PC’s BIOS setting for USB when using
Windows. (Refer to the manual of the PC for detail.)