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Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 1
Thank you very much for choosing an E±ZO color LCD monitor.
1-1. Features
• 23″ wide format LCD
• Applicable to the resolution of 1920 × 1080.
• Panel with a wide Ield of view adopted
±PS panel with 178 º horizontal and vertical viewing angles.
• HDM± connector × 2
Applicable to the PC input signal using HDM± input, allowing three different digital signal inputs from a PC.
• The Color Mode function allows the user to select the display mode optimum to the displayed image.
The Eco mode provides both power saving and conspicuous display.
“To select the display mode (Color Mode)” (page 15)
• E±ZO’s unique “Smart” technology
Smart Detection function
This function allows the user to change the area on the screen to which the Smart Resolution or Smart ±nsight
function is applied (only animated images or whole screen).
Smart Resolution function
This function adjusts the perceived resolution of the images so that the blurs are reduced and images are displayed
vividly and clearly.
±n addition, you can correct the color of skin and text affected by the “Smart Resolution” settings.
Smart ±nsight function
This function analyzes the image and corrects the brightness for each pixel to make dark area of images
“Chapter 4 Using Smart Function” (page 33)
• Stand with wide range of movement
The monitor can be adjusted to a position where it provides you with a comfortable and less tiring work environment.
(Tilt: 25 ° up / 0 ° down, Swivel: 172 ° right / 172 ° left, Adjustable height: 60 mm (2.36 inch))
• The software “ScreenManager Pro for LCD (DDC/C±)” to adjust the screen using the mouse and keyboard is
“1-3. E±ZO LCD Utility Disk” (page 10)
• Remote control enables easy operation, setting and adjustment of the monitor.
“1-2. Controls and Functions” (page 8)
• Color sheets (in three colors) to be pasted at the bottom of the monitor included
Select your desired color to add an accent to the monitor.
See “Setup Guide”.
• HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection)
• Built-in stereo speakers and headphone jack
“1-2. Controls and Functions” (page 8)
• Line output connector
A speaker with built-in ampliIer can be connected to the monitor to output sound.
“6-2. Connecting External Speaker” (page 41)