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Chapter 5 Power Saving Functions
5-5. Checking the power saving level
The EcoView menu allows you to check Power Reduction, CO
Reduction, and Eco Performance Level. The more
indicators light up representing the Eco Performance Level, the higher the power saving level attained.
1. Press
on the remote control.
The “EcoView Menu” appears.
5-6. Enabling/Disabling Auto Power-OFF “Off Timer”
This function allows you to set the time to power off the monitor automatically.
Adjustable range
Disable, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180 min
1. Press
on the remote control.
Each time you press
, the set time changes.
Cancelling procedure
1. Press
until “Disable” appears.
Checking the remaining time
1. Press
when the Off Timer is set.
The time to turn off the power appears.
Time extension procedure
1. Press
while the remaining time is displayed.
Each time you press
, the time is extended.
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