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Chapter 5 Power Saving Functions
• When all the conditions below are met, the monitor does not change to the power saving mode even if “Power Save” is
set to “Enable”:
- “Power Save” for Sound is set to “Sound On” (
“Audio Output” (page 37)
- ±n the mute state (
“To mute the sound temporarily” (page 28)
±n these cases, reset the mute.
Exiting the power saving mode
±f the monitor receives input, it automatically exits the power saving mode and returns to the normal display
To change the exiting method from the power saving mode
Change the method of exiting from the power saving mode in the following cases.
• To reduce the time for exiting from the power saving mode
• The screen is not displayed when a signal is input to the monitor.
1. Press
on the remote control or
on the monitor to turn OFF the monitor power.
2. Press
on the monitor for Ive seconds or more.
The exiting method changes and the monitor power is turned on.
• After the exiting method is changed, the power consumption during the power saving mode increases slightly.
±n addition, “*” is displayed on the menu title of “±nformation” of the Setting menu (see
“8-4. Displaying Monitor
±nformation” (page 50)
Audio Output
This monitor allows you to turn off the audio output from the speakers/headphone at the power saving mode.
Choose “Sound” in the Setting menu, and press
2. Choose “Power Save” in the “Sound” menu, and press
The “Power Save” menu appears.
Select “Sound On” or “Sound Off” with
4. Press
to exit the adjustment.
• No audio is output while the monitor is in the Power Saving mode, if the HDM± signal is input or the sound source is of
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